Malaga is a city located in the south of Spain, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. It is known for its warm climate, beaches, historic architecture and rich culture. It is a popular tourist destination for both Spaniards and foreigners.

In Malaga, there is a wide variety of tourist activities to enjoy. Some places of interest include the Alcazaba, an 11th century Moorish fortress; the Picasso Museum, dedicated to the life and work of the famous painter; the Malaga Cathedral, an impressive Renaissance church; and Parque de Málaga, an urban park with gardens and fountains. You can also enjoy the beach, visit wine cellars, and taste the delicious local cuisine.

Living in Malaga

As for living in Malaga, the city offers a high quality of life. It has a good public transport network, quality health facilities, international schools and a wide cultural and leisure offer. Furthermore, the cost of living in Malaga is lower than in other Spanish cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.

Job in Malaga

To find work in Malaga, there are opportunities in sectors such as tourism, hospitality, language teaching, technology and commerce. There is also a demand for qualified personnel in areas such as health, engineering and IT.

When looking for a job in Malaga, you can consider options such as working in hotels, restaurants, shops, language schools, technology companies or healthcare institutions. You can also opt for independent or remote work.

Accommodation in Malaga

When it comes to accommodation in Malaga, there are a variety of options to choose from. You can find apartments, shared apartments, semi-detached houses and villas for monthly, weekly, winter rental or vacation rentals.

The best areas to rent an apartment in Malaga include the historic center, La Malagueta, El Palo, Pedregalejo and Teatinos. These areas offer amenities such as shopping, restaurants, public transportation, and proximity to the beach.

If you are looking to buy an apartment in Malaga, the best areas include the historic center, Muelle Uno, the El Limonar area and Pedregalejo. These areas offer high quality properties, with views of the sea or the city, and access to services such as schools, hospitals and green areas.

Some of the most important streets in Malaga include Calle Larios, Calle Marqués de Larios, Calle Alcazabilla, Calle Granada and Calle Carretería. These streets are known for their shops, restaurants, bars and cultural events.

To find cheaper accommodation in Malaga, you can consider areas such as Cruz de Humilladero, Ciudad Jardín, La Luz and El Ejido. These areas offer more affordable rental options, although they may be a bit far from the city center.

Below are 20 frequently asked questions and answers from people looking for accommodation in Malaga:

  1. How much does it cost to rent an apartment in the center of Malaga?
    The price of renting an apartment in the center of Malaga may vary depending on the size, location and amenities of the property. In general, prices range between 700 and 1200 euros per month.
  2. Where can I find accommodation in Malaga for a short stay?
    Short-term accommodation options can be found on websites such as Airbnb,, HomeAway and local real estate agencies.
  3. Is it safe to live in Malaga?
    Malaga is a safe city in general, with low crime rates. It is recommended to follow the usual precautions in terms of personal safety and property protection.
  4. How can I rent a house in Malaga for the winter?
    To rent a house in Malaga during the winter, you can search on specialized winter rental websites, local real estate agencies or through advertisements in newspapers and social networks.
  5. What is the best area of Malaga to live as a family?
    The El Limonar area is considered one of the best to live with a family in Malaga, as it offers tranquility, security, proximity to schools and parks, and easy access to the city center.
  6. Can I rent an apartment in Malaga near the beach?
    Yes, there are many apartment rental options near the beach in Malaga, especially in areas such as La Malagueta, Pedregalejo and El Palo.
  7. Can you find accommodation in Malaga with sea views?
    Yes, you can find properties with sea views in areas such as Pedregalejo, El Palo, La Malagueta, Muelle Uno and in the city center.
  8. Is it difficult to find accommodation in Malaga in high season?
    In high season, such as summer and Easter, demand for accommodation in Malaga can be high. It is recommended to reserve in advance to guarantee availability.
  9. Can you find accommodation in Malaga for students?
    Yes, there are student accommodation options in Malaga, such as university residences, shared flats and furnished apartments. It can be Consult local universities or specialized platforms.
  10. What is the best time of year to look for accommodation in Malaga?
    The best time to look for accommodation in Malaga will depend on personal preferences and availability. However, the spring and autumn months are usually quieter and have more affordable prices.
  11. Are there houses for rent in Malaga with a garden?
    Yes, you can find houses for rent in Malaga with a garden in residential areas such as El Limonar, El Candado, Guadalmar and Miraflores del Palo.
  12. Can I rent a furnished apartment in Malaga?
    Yes, there are many options for renting furnished apartments in Malaga, especially for short stays or for international students.
  13. What is the average rental price of an apartment in Malaga?
    The average rental price for an apartment in Malaga varies depending on the location and characteristics of the property, but ranges between 600 and 1000 euros per month.
  14. Is it easy to find parking in Malaga if I rent an apartment?
    In some areas of Malaga, such as the historic center, it can be difficult to find public parking. However, in residential areas there is usually more parking available.
  15. Can you rent rural houses near Malaga?
    Yes, there are many rural houses near Malaga that can be rented to enjoy nature and the tranquility of the countryside.
  16. Is there the option of renting a room in Malaga?
    Yes, you can find room rental options in Malaga, both in shared apartments and in family homes.
  17. What documentation do I need to rent an apartment in Malaga?
    To rent an apartment in Malaga, documentation such as DNI/NIE, payslips or proof of income, personal references and a rental contract are usually required.
  18. What should I take into account when looking for an apartment in Malaga?
    When looking for an apartment in Malaga, it is important to consider the location, the condition of the home, the price, nearby amenities and services, the duration of the contract and the payment conditions.
  19. Can you find apartments in Malaga with a terrace?
    Yes, there are many apartment options in Malaga with a terrace, especially in modern buildings or with sea views.
  20. How can I find an apartment in Malaga that accepts pets?
    To find an apartment in Malaga that accepts pets, you can search on specialized websites, in housing rental Facebook groups, or contact directly with owners who allow pets.

Malaga is a vibrant and welcoming city, with a wide range of tourism, culture and leisure, and an excellent quality of life. Whether for a vacation, a short stay or a permanent move, Malaga offers multiple accommodation options to meet the needs of each person.

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