Torrox is a Spanish town located in the province of Malaga, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Known for being one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol, Torrox offers visitors a perfect combination of Andalusian tradition and modernity.

For tourism lovers, Torrox has a wide range of activities and places to visit. Some of the most notable points of interest include the Torre del Torrox, the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, the Torrox Lighthouse and the fine sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Life in Torrox

Regarding life in Torrox, many residents highlight the tranquility, the beauty of its landscapes and the friendliness of its inhabitants as some of the most positive aspects of living in this municipality. In addition, the excellent local gastronomy and the Mediterranean climate make Torrox an ideal place to live.

Job offers in Torrox, Malaga

As for finding work in Torrox, job opportunities are usually related to tourism and hospitality, due to the large influx of visitors throughout the year. It is also possible to find employment in the agricultural sector, as Torrox is known for its avocado and mango crops.

Accommodation in Torrox

When looking for accommodation in Torrox, it is important to take into account the type of rental you are looking for. Some available options include monthly, weekly, winter rental or vacation rentals.

The best areas to rent an apartment in Torrox are usually those close to the center of the municipality and the beaches, such as El Morche, Torrox Costa and Calaceite. These areas offer a wide range of accommodation and are well connected to the rest of the city.

Buy apartment in Torrox

When it comes to buying an apartment in Torrox, the best areas are usually those that offer sea or mountain views, such as Torrox Pueblo, El Penoncillo and Torrox Park. These areas are very popular with local residents and offer an excellent quality of life.

Some of the most important streets in Torrox include Avenida de Andalucía, Calle de la Constitución and Calle Baja. These roads are known for hosting a large number of shops, restaurants and bars, and are ideal for walking around and enjoying the local atmosphere.

As for the cheapest streets to rent accommodation, it is possible to find affordable options on streets such as Calle del Mar, Calle Aguacate and Calle del Faro. These areas are usually quieter and offer excellent value for money.

As for frequently asked questions from people looking for accommodation in Torrox, some of the most common include:

What is the average rental price in Torrox?

The average rental price in Torrox is usually around 500-700 euros per month, depending on the type of accommodation and location.

Are there accommodation options for families in Torrox?

Yes, family-friendly accommodation such as multi-bedroom apartments and townhouses can be found in Torrox.

Is it safe to live in Torrox?

Torrox is considered a safe municipality, with low crime rates and a friendly community.

What public services are there near the accommodations in Torrox?

In Torrox you can find supermarkets, schools, health centers and public transport near the accommodation.

Can you find furnished accommodation in Torrox?

Yes, in Torrox it is possible to find furnished accommodation, both for short and long-term rentals.

What is access to public transport in Torrox like?

Torrox has good public transport connections, such as buses and taxis, which make it easy to get around the city and its surroundings.

Are there accommodation options with sea views in Torrox?

Yes, in Torrox you can find accommodation with sea views, especially in areas such as Torrox Costa and Calaceite.

Are pets allowed in Torrox accommodation?

Some accommodation in Torrox allows pets, but it is important to check with the owner before renting.

Are there accommodation options with a pool in Torrox?

Yes, in Torrox you can find accommodation with a communal or private pool, especially in urbanizations and residential areas.

Is it possible to rent a villa in Torrox?

Yes, in Torrox it is possible to rent chalets and independent houses, ideal for those looking for more privacy and space.

What is the rental process like in Torrox?

The rental process in Torrox usually requires a rental contract, a security deposit and payment of the corresponding rent.

Are there rent-to-own options in Torrox?

Yes, in Torrox it is possible to find rent-to-own options, which allow tenants to purchase the property in the future.

What leisure and entertainment activities are there near the accommodation in Torrox?

In Torrox you can find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shops and places of interest cultural and tourist attractions near the accommodations.

Is a guarantee necessary to rent in Torrox?

Some owners may request a guarantee as a guarantee of payment, but it is not usually mandatory in all cases.

What is the best time to look for accommodation in Torrox?

The best time to look for accommodation in Torrox is usually in spring and autumn, when demand is lower and prices are lower.

Can you find student accommodation in Torrox?

Yes, in Torrox you can find suitable accommodation for students, such as shared flats and studios.

Are there accommodation options with a terrace or balcony in Torrox?

Yes, in Torrox it is possible to find accommodation with a terrace or balcony, ideal for enjoying the Mediterranean climate and the views.

What additional expenses should I take into account when renting in Torrox?

In addition to the monthly rent, it is important to take into account community, electricity, water, gas and internet expenses when living in Torrox.

Can you rent accommodation near the beach in Torrox?

Yes, in Torrox you can find accommodation near the beach, especially in areas such as El Morche and Torrox Costa.

What are the rules of coexistence in Torrox accommodation?

It is important to respect the rules of coexistence established by the owners and ensure a good environment in the building or urbanization.

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