Spain Winter Rentals

Monthly rental in Spain. Rent an apartment or villa for 2 or 3 months. Apartments for students, workers, temporary and for single months. RENTAL IN SPAIN FOR THE WINTER SEASON. Spain Winter rentals, apartments from October to May. Check availability and prices.

The rental of houses in Spain for the winter season. We offer properties for rent on the coast of Spain and other areas of Spain. Apartments from €490 per month for long stays.

We offer you monthly rental accommodation in Spain.
pay the rent monthly, not per day.
save between 2-3 times on your vacations
Possibility to choose the rental time — from 1 to 8 months.
Normally these rentals are from October to May. But sometimes it is possible to rent the summer months.

You pay the price per full month.
Book directly with the owner.
Monthly rental in Spain.

Do you have properties to rent in winter? Send us an email and we will publish. We offer our clients rental properties in winter for several months.

Winter rentals in Spain. You can find apartments, flats, villas available in the Andalucia area, for example flats in Nerja, apartments in Torrox, rural houses in Frigiliana and also in other towns in Axarquia, Malaga and Granada.

Winter rentals are an excellent option for those people who wish to spend a few months on the Costa del Sol in a pleasant and quiet environment. These rentals are available for a term of 3 to 8 months and are property specific, meaning these are rentals in individual houses, apartments or villas, rather than hotels or resorts.

First of all, it is important to note that the Costa del Sol is a very popular tourist destination throughout the year, thanks to its mild and pleasant climate, its golden sand beaches and its charming white villages. Nerja, Torrox and Frigiliana are three towns located in the province of Malaga that stand out for their natural beauty, their historical and cultural heritage, and their relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Winter rentals in this area offer the opportunity to enjoy everything the Costa del Sol has to offer at a less busy and quieter time of year. Additionally, as these are specific properties, tenants can enjoy greater privacy, comfort and flexibility during their stay.

As for the types of properties available for winter rental, in the area of ​​Nerja, Torrox, Frigiliana and surrounding areas it is possible to find a wide variety of options. From cozy apartments with sea views to spacious villas with a garden and private pool, there is accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets. Some properties even have amenities such as a jacuzzi, roof terrace, fireplace or barbecue, so that tenants can enjoy their stay to the fullest.

Winter rental prices in Spain

Monthly winter rental prices may vary depending on the type of property, its location, size, amenities and time of year. Winter rentals are usually cheaper than summer rentals as demand is lower and owners are interested in occupying their properties year-round.

What does a winter rental include?

These rentals usually include additional expenses such as water, electricity, internet, and in some cases, also garden and pool maintenance. It is advisable to review the rental agreement carefully to know all the details and conditions before signing.

Where to rent an apartment in winter?

Winter rentals on the Costa del Sol, Nerja, Torrox and Frigiliana are three highly sought-after locations for their charm, quiet atmosphere and proximity to the beach. Nerja, known for its impressive caves, its historic center and its crystal-clear beaches, is an ideal destination for those seeking a natural and cultural environment. Torrox, for its part, is famous for its subtropical climate, its olive groves and its panoramic sea views. Finally, Frigiliana stands out for its cobbled streets, its white houses and its traditional Andalusian atmosphere.

The winter rentals available in Nerja, Torrox, Frigiliana and surrounding areas are an excellent option for those who wish to enjoy a season on the Costa del Sol in a pleasant and quiet environment. With a wide variety of properties available, affordable prices and a prime location, these rentals are the perfect choice for an unforgettable winter getaway.